Introduction to Fundraising

  • What do you want to fundraise for?
  • How ready are you as an organisation? Exploring the realities of matching funding/outcomes without overwhelming your own capacity to deliver
  • How to plan and break down your approaches
  • What sort of evidence do I need to provide?
  • What makes a good funding application?  Top tips from funders and applicants

This workshop provides a practical introduction to the tricky task of applying for grants from public funders, trusts and foundations in England.  As someone who has both awarded and successfully bid for grants over the years, I am able to provide insight into both the preparation and assessment process which should help you to plan your fundraising strategy with greater confidence.

‘I found the presentation very engaging and gave excellent advice which I can use in future funding bids and will help me understand about individual funders

‘Enjoyed and found extremely helpful the discussions around top tips & evidential tools’

Museum staff, Almonry Heritage Centre, Evesham

This course was originally created for the Almonry Heritage Centre team, with the support of the Marches Network and Arts Council England.


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