New websites: Museum of Carpet and Anything But Ordinary

Check out these two new websites: Logo blue strap[1]wendy banner 960x125 copyHappy to announce that I’m just finishing up work on two more new websites for clients. As usual I have used WordPress to create them, because it is a cheap/free, easy-to-use application with loads of friendly, accessible online support.  Clients can then carry on managing their own websites without having to pay lots for hosting and maintenance. For the first time, however, I have used to create Anything But Ordinary for costume services and bespoke tailoring. is the downloadable, customisable version of the software.  Working with an associate who supplied all of the IT server know-how, we went on a crash course to learn all the things that provides as part of the template.  It was a bumpy journey at times, but we think we have cracked it now – see what you think. The best part of the new site was learning how to create good quality picture galleries so that I could show off the marvellous costumes and clothes that Wendy makes for her clients.  I shall now be revisiting the Top Drawer Costume website to update their image galleries with this in mind. The Museum of Carpet website has been an adventure of a completely different kind.  The Museum opened in Kidderminster in late 2012.  Last summer the Carpet Museum Trust commissioned me to refresh their web presence, train their staff and volunteers to blog and to provide advice on building their social media profile. Since then, I have worked with the team to create a website that reflects the full range of activities now on offer in this lively museum.  It now has a lively blog – all of the staff and now 4 volunteers have been trained to contribute articles, ensuring that readers read about a range of voices and interests. The facebook and twitter feed keep visitors up to date and seem to be particularly popular with family groups.  The museum even has its own Soundcloud album.  As a result, visitor numbers are climbing and the website is currently averaging 130 visits a day.  The next step will be to add the archive catalogue to the site so that researchers from all over the world will be able to see what’s in the collections. Both projects have taught me a great deal about working directly with clients to create websites that suit both them, and their own customers and visitors.  I look forward to the next!


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